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There is one relationship in a person’s life which is so fundamental, that it should always take priority: the relationship with ourselves. Before attempting to build any kind of relationship with others, we should first build a solid relationship with ourselves, because this is the foundation for how we live our lives. This is the simple truth behind “foundation”, a series of pictures aiming to explore how we relate to ourselves. Using myself as a model and with the use of symbolic and surrealistic elements, I have tried to create images that I hope speak to everyone. These images represent my thoughts and observations of myself and of the people that surround me.

I started this series almost two years ago, in early 2013. I had not planned to make a series, but when I realized that many of my photo ideas were revolving around the same theme, I decided to work more on it and produce a series of images. The whole experience has taught me many things. It has been exciting and helpful to work on variations of the same thing, but there were also times I found it to be quite restrictive. There were moments I thought the series might never be complete, because the relationship with someone’s self is actually a never ending subject. So, I realized that I would never be able to portray every single aspect of this relationship and I chose to focus on those aspects that strike me as the most important. Throughout the series I tried to evolve as a photographer while keeping my style consistent. It has been an adventure, which I have deeply enjoyed and its conclusion gives me the strength to move on to different projects.

The series was already featured on art websites before its completion. Many of the images have also appeared on web and print magazines and most of them have been displayed in various exhibitions in Greece.

Here I have included all the images created for the series, in the order in which they were published. By clicking each one, a new window will open, taking you to the corresponding blog post, in case you want to learn more.

The first multiplicity image I created. Planning beforehand helped in making this easy to compose. I also learned how to make fog in photoshop! This image has been published in the greek photography magazine “Fotografos”.

The second image of the series is quite simple but I like its symmetry and its mood. This is when I learned how to make a dress longer and a wall taller in photoshop.

For this I went to one of my city’s landmarks on a nice cloudy day, sneeked into one of the small towers and started posing on the very uneven ground, while passers by were walking their dogs, pausing a little to see what I was up to. This one took some work in post but the result was very rewarding.

I think this is the most popular image I ever made. Right now it has over 200.000 views on 500px  and it has been featured on various websites and blogs. Lately it was also published on “Fotografos” magazine. This was the time where I learned how to erase a face and also how to “steal” your friend’s mirror because you simply must have it.

For some reason this image brings Alice in Wonderland in mind, at least some darker version. Maybe it’s the blue dress? The hardest part in creating this image, was the mirror reflections. My fingers still ache from all the detailed masking around the mirror’s frame.

I have to admit, this is one my favorites! Shot with the help of my husband, who was making faces at the camera while holding the other side of the rope. I especially like how the sky (which I added later) fits the whole mood and concept so much!

This image was not planned, although the concept was already on my mind when I saw this piece of furniture and decided to climb on it. I only wish I could have expanded my frame a bit more.

The next addition to the series came nine months later, last July and sadly it was the first picture I shot in 2015! This was a really busy year I suppose. It is also the first picture I shot while being pregnant. Though I hadn’t gotten too big yet, which was helpful because I had to fake run many times to get it right.

This concept was the most difficult for me to visualize. When the idea finally came to me, I was unable to shoot it exactly the way I originally wanted, for safety reasons. But if you can’t use smokebombs to get the effect you want, the next best thing is smoke from an e-cigarette!

The end of the journey, an encounter on an old bridge. I had to shoot myself seperately and then compose those shots on the bridge picture, because I was too pregnant at the time to be walking on old wooden bridges. So, up until the last image this image helped me learn a ton of new techniques!

All the images are available as limited edition, signed and numbered prints, on archival quality fine art paper. You can purchase directly from me or via the Saatchi online gallery.

The next few months will be dedicated to my little one, so no photography plans for me just yet. I suppose I will just see how it goes. I guess I will be more active on facebook from now on, so follow me if you haven’t already done so!

If you have managed to read all this, but even if you haven’t, it would mean a lot to me if you would drop me a line to let me know what you think!

The time has come! I present to you the final image of the “foundation” series! Like all the other pictures in the series, it is a self portrait, also featuring one of my clones.

This is the first time I shot myself and the background seperately. This abandoned bridge has been on my mind for a while and I wanted to use it as the setting for this image. So my husband and I drove to the location one afternoon, but being 8 months pregnant at the time I decided it was not very safe for me to actually stand on the bridge. This was really frustrating, being there but not being able to do the shoot the way I had planned. However, since we had driven all the way there, I photographed the bridge and started thinking about ways to make this work.

the encounter
the encounter

I decided to shoot myself on a different location and then composite these shots in the bridge picture. It is the first time I ever tried anything like this and I did not like it at all! I had to be very careful in keeping the lighting and angle consistent so that the final picture would look decent enough. I took it step by step and I got the result you see here, which I think is good. But I really don’t want to ever have to do this again! Apart from the technical difficulties and making my life harder, what I disliked most was that I didn’t have the chance to interact with the location and actually “feel” it. It feels like I was deprived of half the joy I get when I shoot, especially with a location so lovely like this one! Hopefully I will get the chance to return there and shoot something else in the future.

So, this marks the end of the “foundation” journey and it satisfies me greatly to know that I now have a complete series of pictures. I will soon write a seperate post about the series where I will include all the pictures and some words about each one.

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I have been working on completing the “foundation” series, that I started almost two years ago. It feels importatnt to me to close this chapter and move on to different things. There is one more picture that I want to make and then the series will be complete.



This concept has been in my mind from the beginning, but I didn’t quite know how to visualize it. Then came the idea about the smoke. My first intention was to use smoke bombs and shoot outside, but then I thought it might not be the best idea for a pregnant woman to be around smoke bombs. Then I thought about using flour, until I saw a photoshoot by the amazing Von Wong, where he asked a member of his crew to blow the smoke from his e-cigarette to help create a small fog. So, I asked my husband to blow his e-cigarette in front of a black sheet, took some pictures and that was it! Sometimes the simplest things work best!

Although I think it might have been better if I could have followed my original plan with the smoke bombs, I am quite satisfied with the end result. Now there is only one picture left, which I plan on finishing in the following days, since my due date is approaching and I know that if I don’t do it now, it will probably be months until I am able to shoot again. So, I suppose you will hear from me again soon!

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Escapology is the practice of escaping from restraints or other traps. I chose this as the title for my most recent addition to the “foundation” series. It’s been too long since I made a picture for this series! I have decided that I want to complete it soon and it is going to be my priority from now on. There are two more pictures I want to shoot and then the series will be complete.



This also happens to be the first self portrait I shot during my pregnancy. I am five months now and soon I will be getting too big, so I want to try and shoot the rest of the pictures really soon. Let’s hope I can manage that!

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Time for another addition the foundation series! Yay!

This is the 7th picture in the series. I shot it in August while my boyfriend and I stayed at his aunt’s house for a couple of days. I spotted this piece of furniture in the bedroom and I immediately decided to shoot something with it, so I came up with this idea. After all a mirror is the go to prop when the theme is the relationship with yourself, right? I happened to also have the mask with me, so I climbed on and this is the result.



I didn’t have to do much compositing this time, only the reflection of my face with the mask on. That is actually why I decided to work on this picture, because I knew I wouldn’t have the time to work on anything more demanding right now. I am in the middle of moving to our new home, so I ‘ve been very busy packing and making all kinds of arrangements. I have been dealing with this move for a couple of months now and if you’ve ever had to move, you surely know how exhausting this process is. Hopefully it will all be over by next week and we can get on with business as usual. Right now the house is of full of boxes and it doesn’t feel like a home anymore, which is rather sad, but who knows? Maybe I can make a couple of pictures out of this situation! Let’s see what happens…

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Just a quick update to let you know that my “foundation” series will be exhibited during the 6th Anakata festival, which will take place in Thessaloniki from the 12th until the 14th of September. “Foundation” is an ongoing series of images aiming to explore how we relate to ourselves. You can view the images online in this recent feature by GetInspiredMagazine http://ow.ly/BevW7
No more details about the festival have been published yet, but I will keep you posted!


I guess I’m on a roll these days! Couldn’t be happier! 🙂


Tug of war is an ancient game, once included even in the Olympics. For me it’s a memory from childhood, when we used to gather and play. I was looking for a way to symbolize the fights we give with our own self as an opponent, so I thought this game would suit my purpose. My goal was to show that these fights can have no winners, after all how can you be the winner if you are also the loser? This image is another addition to my “foundation” series, which so far consists of six images, including this one. I have more concepts based on the relationship with oursleves and I will keep on creating images for this series, because I find it very challenging and inspiring.


tug of war

tug of war

The was shot in a field somewhere near my boyfriend’s village. I had a specific image in my head about what it should look like, so we drove around a little and spotted this field which was perfect. This was right next to the sunflower field where I shot “sleeping suns“, so as soon as I had the shots I needed for this one, we ran across to the other field so I could shoot the second picture before it became dark. I’m happy with how they both turned out and mostly I am happy that I have been able to shoot frequently in the past few weeks.

Last week I spent some days in my father’s village, which is in the mountains, and I spent every day wandering in the forest on my own and shooting. I shot many new pictures and it was a struggle to organize them, so I can begin processing them. Here’s a sneak peak for you!

importing new pictures in lightroom

importing new pictures in lightroom

These new pictures were all shot with my new 50mm lens! I decided to buy one, because I really feel it’s time for me to upgrade my equipment. And since I can’t afford a new camera right now, I thought I’d invest on a new lens. I am really liking it so far, although it took some getting used to, because so far I only had zoom lenses, so using a prime one was new for me.

I have more photoshoots planned for the next weeks and I will also be taking some time off from work in late August, so I can have plenty of material to work on! Be sure to follow my facebook page, so you can stay updated on everything!

Hey all!

A few days ago, I launched my official website, which I am really happy about, yet somehow uncomfortable. I’ve designed several websites for others over the years, but having one for myself feels strange. I like how it has turned out, although there are still minor adjutments to be made. All in good time.

“House of mirrors” is the second image featuring the mirror I had borrowed from my friends a while ago. After shooting “narcissus” I thought why not use this lovely mirror for another one? I already had some ideas about images including mirrors, so I thought I’d try one of them. I actually ended up repeating this shoot some days later because I realised that the mirror pictures, as well as the one of my back, were not as I wanted them. So the second time, I did the photoshoot in my balcony to get better light. It must have been a delight for my neighbours, I am sure.

house of mirrors

house of mirrors

The idea was to create a picture showing that often we find ourselves looking at the mirror and seeing something that is far from reality. We distort the image of ourselves for reasons that are different for each person. We fail so many times to recognize our true selves. It’s a struggle, but it is one that can be won. As long as you keep looking.

This is the fifth image in the “foundation” series. I am quite satisfied with how the series is coming together. But to be honest I am starting to feel the need to create some “lighter” images. Summer has come in Greece, I am done with my exams, I have no rehearsals in theater, so I finally have more time for photography. I’d love to have 10 more images ready until September. I suppose it is doable if I focus on simpler projects.

If you have any comments or questions about this image, please post them below! I am always happy to get your feedback!

This picture has been in my mind for quite some time. I think the title says it all, this is my view on narcissism, a surrealistic reflection of a face that has gone blank. The image is another addition to my on-going series “foundation”, revolving around the relationship with ourselves.

When I was planning this concept I knew I wanted to use an antique mirror, but I did not have one. So, when we visited some friends last week I saw this mirror hanging on a wall in their house and I asked if I could borrow it. They immediately said yes, probably because they didn’t really think I meant it! Well, there was no way I was leaving without it, because it is exactly what I had in mind. It has been over a week now and I still haven’t managed to go by their place to return it, so I am seriously considering keeping it forever! Just kidding… But keep in mind, that if you ever let me into your house, I might be taking things with me when I go…


So, for this picture and another one that I will be uploading soon, I turned my house into a studio. I hanged some sheets on the wall, taped my reflector on the closet and positioned my tripod on top of a small bookcase. The camera ended up so close to the wall, that I had to use a second mirror in order to check the viewfinder. It was a mess, I was going back and forth like crazy and I enjoyed every second of it! Here’s what my room looked like during the photoshoot. I used the blue sheet for the second image, which I am still editing.


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