This picture has been in my mind for quite some time. I think the title says it all, this is my view on narcissism, a surrealistic reflection of a face that has gone blank. The image is another addition to my on-going series “foundation”, revolving around the relationship with ourselves.

When I was planning this concept I knew I wanted to use an antique mirror, but I did not have one. So, when we visited some friends last week I saw this mirror hanging on a wall in their house and I asked if I could borrow it. They immediately said yes, probably because they didn’t really think I meant it! Well, there was no way I was leaving without it, because it is exactly what I had in mind. It has been over a week now and I still haven’t managed to go by their place to return it, so I am seriously considering keeping it forever! Just kidding… But keep in mind, that if you ever let me into your house, I might be taking things with me when I go…


So, for this picture and another one that I will be uploading soon, I turned my house into a studio. I hanged some sheets on the wall, taped my reflector on the closet and positioned my tripod on top of a small bookcase. The camera ended up so close to the wall, that I had to use a second mirror in order to check the viewfinder. It was a mess, I was going back and forth like crazy and I enjoyed every second of it! Here’s what my room looked like during the photoshoot. I used the blue sheet for the second image, which I am still editing.


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