Hey all!

A few days ago, I launched my official website, which I am really happy about, yet somehow uncomfortable. I’ve designed several websites for others over the years, but having one for myself feels strange. I like how it has turned out, although there are still minor adjutments to be made. All in good time.

“House of mirrors” is the second image featuring the mirror I had borrowed from my friends a while ago. After shooting “narcissus” I thought why not use this lovely mirror for another one? I already had some ideas about images including mirrors, so I thought I’d try one of them. I actually ended up repeating this shoot some days later because I realised that the mirror pictures, as well as the one of my back, were not as I wanted them. So the second time, I did the photoshoot in my balcony to get better light. It must have been a delight for my neighbours, I am sure.

house of mirrors

house of mirrors

The idea was to create a picture showing that often we find ourselves looking at the mirror and seeing something that is far from reality. We distort the image of ourselves for reasons that are different for each person. We fail so many times to recognize our true selves. It’s a struggle, but it is one that can be won. As long as you keep looking.

This is the fifth image in the “foundation” series. I am quite satisfied with how the series is coming together. But to be honest I am starting to feel the need to create some “lighter” images. Summer has come in Greece, I am done with my exams, I have no rehearsals in theater, so I finally have more time for photography. I’d love to have 10 more images ready until September. I suppose it is doable if I focus on simpler projects.

If you have any comments or questions about this image, please post them below! I am always happy to get your feedback!