Photography is for me the way I choose to communicate thoughts, feelings and concepts that are impossible to express in a different way. I aim to create pictures that take the viewer to an imaginary world, a different kind of reality. Behind each image, there is a whole process, from the forming of the idea until its realization.

Inspiration can come from anywhere: a song, a story, a conversation I heard on the street, an everyday scene or anything that may arouse my interest. Just a single word can lead to a whole story, which I then impress onto an image.

The photoshoot takes place after I have decided on all the details: location, wardrobe, props, pose, camera angle and anything else I have to know beforehand, so that I can impress the image exactly as I have imagined it. Most of the times I use myself as a model, thus making myself part of the story.

After the photoshoot, comes the post processing that leads to the final image. All the photographs that I use for my compositions are my own and I edit them according to the desired result. I usually choose a square canvas, since I find the harmony of this shape to be fitting with the aesthetic of my images.

Looking at the final image, the viewer can wonder about the meaning that might hide behind it, or just feel the emotions that it provokes.


What lies beneath, CONTACT Photography Festival, Toronto, 1-31/5/2019

The old han, a live space. Bensousan Han, Thessaloniki. 14/12/2018

Self-Portraits, E.S.P Gallery, 10/11-20/12/2017

Cheapart, 81st International Fair of Thessaloniki, 10-18/9/2016

Parallel Voices 2015, Photometria Festival, Ioannina, 31/5-14/6/2015

Influence Festival, Karditsa, 09-10/5/2015

Meet the artist 5 – Spingtime, Myro Gallery, Thessaloniki, 26-28/3/2015

“A different kind of reality”, Young Greek Photographers exhibition – 13th Kythera Photographic Encounters, Kythera, 25-28/9/2014

“Foundation”, 6th Anakata Festival, Thessaloniki, 12-14/9/2014

Chocofactory & Museum, Thessaloniki, 6/9/2014-6/3/2015


1st place, “The old han, a live space” contest, Photography Center of Thessaloniki/Bensousan Han/Lavart, 2018

2nd place, IEK ESP contest, 2017

Selection at the Portfolio contest, Photometria Festival, Ioannina, 2015

Special Selection, Contest about chocolate, Center of Photography-Thessaloniki, 2014

Honourable mention, 46th Coloured Digital Photography contest, Hellenic Photographic Society, 2014

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