sleeping suns

Last week I dragged my boyfriend to some fields to do a photoshoot for the “foundation” series, that I had in mind for some time now. Since we had the time, I wanted to do a second shoot in a sunflower field. This time of year you can see sunflower fields everywhere, so I thought it would be a shame if I didn’t shoot in one. They are just so beautiful and so…yellow! They say that sunflowers always turn towards the sun, so when the sun goes down, they look down too, like they are going to sleep. So, the idea was that I would stand among them, as if I were sleeping too.

A rather simple concept, but I really really adore those sunflowers and it felt really good to just stand inside a field and take pictures of myself like a crazy person. Having my boyfriend around made things much easier in terms of safety, although there was not a soul around. Still, I feel better when he is with me! I enjoyed this experience so much that I would love to do this every single day if I could!

While trying to think of a title, I did some research on sunflowers and found out that they don’t actually turn towards the sun, rather they are always pointed to the east, which makes them very useful for navigation purposes. Who knew?