Don’t you ever wish you could just stand still for a moment and let everything go? I sure do and I think everybody should now and then surround themselves with nothing but absolute silence. Let all your thoughts fly away and clear your mind. Life is too fast, too demanding. Sometimes, just sometimes, I propose we hit the brakes.

This was shot back in March near the saltworks of my hometown, Mesologi. The moment I saw that road crossing through the salt fields (if that is what they’re really called) I knew I wanted to shoot something there, although I wasn’t sure what. I tried running away from the camera, but that looked akward in camera, so I just sat there trying to find inspiration. That was the shot I chose in the end. It just seemed so natural to me. While shooting, before I even knew what shot I would end up using, I came up with “wasteland” as a title. It might be a rather negative word, but to me “wasteland” symbolizes that place where we go to dispose of all our negativity, so we can have room for positivity again. I hope this makes sense to you too.

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