Happy new year everyone! In my last post I made a quick resume of 2014, as a way to say goodbye to the year that passed. For the first picture of 2015, I chose one that I took during my summer holidays at the beach. It might be just slightly off season, since it is now the middle of winter, but it is also probably the most technically demanding picture that I have edited.



To understand how much editing went into this I should tell you that the original file I ended up with is over 11 thousand pixels and 2.5 GB big. At some point I had to save it as a psb because psd could not support the size of it. I used three different shots for the main part with the rocks which came together really nicely, but when I expanded it to get a square frame, I was left with a huge blank space where the sky should be. I knew that I had to use a different picture for the sky, but what I didn’t realize right away, was that because the image was already too big, one sky picture was not near enough to fill the space. I could take this one picture and strech it, but it would look really awful. By my calculations, I needed about six different pictures to get the sky right. All this time I would take pictures whenever there was a nice sky, but I never seemed to get it right. Luckily I can see plenty of sky from my new home, so I had the opportunity to get it right finally. It was really helpful that I also discovered how to automatically align layers in photoshop, which saved me tons of time. So finally, it is ready to be shared with the world!

For the moment it seems like I won’t have time to go out shooting anytime soon, but luckily I still have unedited shots from the summer, so I will try to find time to work on them instead.