This is from an August afternoon, when I took my big sister and went out to shoot. I had no plan, no idea what I wanted to shoot whatsoever, all I knew was that I wanted to shoot. I had some props with me and I saw these flowers that my mother had in a vase at home. I thought they were pretty, so I took them with me. We went to the place in the lagoon where I also shot “the inner tempest“. So I took my shoes off and started juping here and there. As I said I had no plan, so I let myself be inspired by the location and the props I had available. I have to say this kind of improvisation is quite hard for me. This is one of the shots that I thought were good enough to work on.

I’ve been flirting with levitation shots for quite some time, but I never actually got around to doing one. This seemed like a fine opportunity for something like that, so I took it. It wasn’t until I started working in  photoshop, that I knew what I wanted to do with this picture. I had some shots where I was holding the umbrella down on the ground, so I decided to keep those too and use them for this picture. Had I planned this beforehand, I would have taken more shots of the umbrella on the ground. I think it would look better if there were black umbrellas lying on the ground all over the place. I could try to fake it using the shots I already had, but I didn’t like how it was looking, so I kept is as is.

I replaced the sky, as I usually do and I really think that made the picture come together nicely.

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