I am so happy I spent most of my summer running around with my camera, taking pictures. This one was taken while I stayed at my father’s village, up in the mountains, one of my favorite places in this world.

One afternoon I took my equipment and went for a walk in the forest. My dad came with me so he could go around gathering herbs, like oregano. Our mountain is full of wonderful things like that. So, we came upon this field and of course I set my tripod and started running around like crazy. I tried some things including my black umbrella first, but I didn’t really like the outcome, so it was time for the red sheet to come out. I decided to wave it around so I could later make the fabric look like flower petals. I used the same techinque (and the same sheet) as in “the inner tempest“. I also added the birds later to give my composition more balance. What do you think?

Fun fact: in some of these shots you can actually see my dad entering the frame in the right bottom corner, unsuspicious, gathering herbs and then looking at me, wondering why his youngest daughter is tossing a red sheet around a field. Some cliks later he is gone again leaving me to do my thing. It was really funny to discover this when I uploaded the pictures to my pc.