This image is the last one from the “Voyage to Kythera” series. It was taken in one of the island’s most famous beaches, Kaladi beach. It is a rather secluded beach, so I had to drive on dirtroads and climb down several stone steps to reach it, but its beauty is well worth it! Unfortunately, on the day I went there it was really windy and the sea was not so inviting, so I prefered not to take a swim. This beach actually consists of three smaller beaches, which are linked. There is even a cave that leads from the second to the third beach and that was the main reason I absolutely wanted to go. But I could only see the cave from the first beach, since the waves made it impossible for me to go there, even without my camera. This is how the cave looks. Inviting, isn’t it?


There was such wild beauty in this place, I loved it instantly! I would have loved to stay there and just stare at the sea, but as I said it was a secluded area and, except for a couple that defied the waves and was enjoying their swin, I was alone there so I got sppoked. I took some pictures and then I left, hoping I can someday return and pay a visit to that cave!

When I started editing my picture I realized I had made some mistakes while shooting, which could not easily be fixed and I got very disappointed. I thought about burying the pictures, but then I remembered how wonderful it felt to stand on that magnificent beach and I decided I wanted to share that. It might not be a masterpiece, but it brings back a nice memory for me and that is enough. Also, you might have noticed that the frame is not square this time! That’s a first for me, maybe it will happen again in the future, who knows?