The Kythera series is slowly (and painfully) coming to an end. The same day I was exploring the bridge of Katouni, I set to discover a way to reach an old english school I had read about, the school of Milapidea. After locating it from the road, I attempted to approach it through some very narrow streets where I could hardly drive my rental car. Until luckily I met an old man, who told me there was no road leading there (even though the school is mentioned as a very important monument of the island!) And that I would have to continue on foot. However, the road to the school was guarded by some not so friendly doggies who started to bark at me from a distance, so I decided to turn back feeling very disappointed.

το σχολείο της Μηλαπιδέας

το σχολείο της Μηλαπιδέας | the school of Milapidea

ο ανεμόμυλος

ο ανεμόμυλος | the windmill













A wrong turn led me in front of an abandoned windmill. It was at the end of a row of houses and it was standing there all alone and empty, so I stepped out of the car to take a look. Without much thought I decided to take some pictures. Where would I ever find a windmill all to myself?

I confess it was not easy, seeing as I had to set the camera at the mill’s entrance and then go up and down many, many times on the almost collapsed stairs, so I could get a nice frame. All this while I was barefoot and hoping no scorpions or snakes were around! However, it is a unique experience to be able to sit on top of a windmill and to feel absolute calmness and the cooling breeze. After I managed to get some good shots, I took some additional ones of the mill’s sides so I could fill my square frame and I left having completely forgotten the school I didn’t get to photograph.


the mill

the mill