the frustration of self-challenge

I had hoped that I would have another photo ready for upload this weekend, but I didn’t. I thought I should do something simpler than my previous photo, but I didn’t. Instead I chose to do another composite based on a concept that has been on my mind for years. I shot the pictures, then I shot them again and then a third time, since I could not get it right. Note that I had already began editing before I realized I had to do a third shot. Argh!  Lesson learned. I should be more careful and prepared next time. The thing is I get carried away the moment I set to do anything that is exciting to me, so I just forget to think things through.

So after I got the right shots I started editing, trying to combine the different elements together. Right now I am at a point where I have already done much work and I still have much left to do. And of course I have to implement new tecnhiques in photoshop to get the result I want. This process is exciting, yet frustrating. I have the image in  my head. How hard can it be to get it out? Well, it is. Very.

I am starting to feel disappointed. Maybe I am not as skilled as I thought I was. Maybe I am moving too fast. I am very close to abandoning this particular picture and moving on to something else. But then again I don’t like quitting. Maybe this is what you get for editing for five hours straight.

Pffff…. I am usually a very patient person. I guess what’s bugging me is that I can’t show you all those pictures that are in my head. Not yet.

Well a fresh start tomorrow might do the trick. After all, I set out to challenge myself. Well this is a challenge alright!

I really hope I have a new picture for you soon!