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how to make a cloud tutorial

For my recent pictures, I wanted to use a prop that looked like a cloud. I researched online and saw that there are many simple and cheap ways to make one. Some of them used balloons, while others used empty bottles. I am not such a crafty person and I didn’t want all my hard work to be discarded after a couple of photoshoots. That’s why I combined the valueable knowledge I gained from the internet and made a cloud my way. After I was done with my planned photoshoots, I hanged it on my daughter’s room wall. That way it’s always handy if an idea comes to mind and I want to use it again. And if not, it’s such a nice decoration and it can even be turned into a lamp! I haven’t tried that yet, but it sounds cool!

Watch the video below and please be kind, it’s the first time I do a video like this!