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I was recently asked to take some promotional pictures for the upcoming theater production of Albert Camus’ “Le malentendu” by m0mentum theater group. I have recently felt the strong need to try new things, so this seemed like a great opportunity. Plus, it was a chance for me to combine two of my loves: theater and photography.

The photoshoot took place on a fine Sunday morning in the old and abandoned military camp of Karatasios. It is one of the two big abandoned military camps in west Thessaloniki (the other one is the Pavlos Melas camp). I had recently scouted the whole place (it’s enormous) for my latest personal project (more on that sometime soon). I finally chose no to shoot the project there, so this seemed like a fine opportunity to use this location. I mean who doesn’t love old , dirty, half-ruined buildings?

There are seven actors in this play, so for me that meant I had seven different models to play with that day (you might recognize one of them from here). They were all super helpful and made my job so easy. The photoshoot took all morning and in the end we got some pretty cool pictures and personally, I had so much fun! I am really looking forward to doing something like this again!

Some backstage photos by Stathis Papoulidis:

Info about the play:

Writer: Albert Camus
Translation: Eleni Kitsopoulou

Director: Stathis Papoulidis

Actors: Anna Kolokotroni, Afroditi Tsakiri, Georgia Lampidou, Dionysis Gonatas, Kalliopi Ksanthopoulou, Katerina Ganda and Michalis Mantas

Photography: Nicki Panou

Poster sketch: Dionysis Kalaitzis
Poster design: Georgia Lampidou

Dates: 27 & 30/5, 20:30 Vafopouleio cultural center
Duraition: 80 min.
FREE ENTRANCE by offering food and personal hygiene products as a contribution to the Social Grocery Store.
• Tel: 6949420831

• Facebook Page:
• Instagram Page:

As promised, here is the video from the “safe harbor” photoshoot. I love how it turned out, Alexis did an amazing job! I must admit it is strange watching myself working, I think I seem quite nervous. It’s so nice having a backstage video though, I wish I could have one for all my shoots! So here it is, I hope you enjoy it!


Video and montage – Alexios Mpitlis
Photography – Nicki Upstairs
Model – Theodora Prodromidou
Photographer’s assistant – Sotiris Papadopoulos