Unseen Thessaloniki

A surreal photography project, consisting of nine conceptual self-portraits, 2016-2018. Prints and postcard set available.


I was always drawn to what others overlook. Living in Thessaloniki for the last 18 years, I started discovering aspects of it that were unknown to most people, even locals. These unknown stories of the city led me to create a series of images, where I present these hidden aspects, in my own way.

I chose nine locations in Thessaloniki and the greater area. They are places which everyone knows, but at the same time, they do not. In the images that I created, I highlight each location by creating a different story, using elements of surrealism. The location is the main protagonist, while human presence acts complementary.

Along each image, there is a text with information about the respective story. This way “unseen Thessaloniki” surfaces and waits for you to meet her.