one hundred years

It has been a while! Well, over a month actually! I’ve been focusing on my master’s thesis a lot, and I am trying to force myself not to think about photography, because I don’t have the time for it, but it is hard not to! I still haven’t had the chance to go out and shoot, but that has given me the opportunity to think of new concepts that I am excited about! Hopefully spring will finally arrive and I will get the chance to shoot.

Last month, my grandfather passed away. He was a little over 100 years old. He has been very weak these last years, but he is now resting in peace. He had a difficult but very full life. He fought wars, he endured hardship and poverty, he supported my grandmother who got sick at a very young age, but he also was blessed with three children, eight grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. He was the person everyone would go to when they wanted to learn stories from the past. He told stories about the war and life in his village, with every detail. And he made the best bread ever!

I felt sad because I couldn’t go to the funeral and I needed to do something. This image immediately came to mind. I shot it last summer, while visiting my grandfathers village. I was wandering in the forest right above our house and decided to take a picture there. I don’t know why I placed the scarf over my head like this, or why I decided to hold these branches. Until now, this picture made no sense to me. I suppose everything makes sense, in time. I started editing it the day he passed away and I wasn’t satisfied until I added the “floating” scarf in post, which I think really emphasizes the feeling of this image.

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