traces of you

Flares-“Traces of you” cd cover photo

Almost three years ago I received a message from Marc, asking me if I could make a cover photo for his new music album that was in the works. Marc had seen my work for 2L8’s “the answer” and was particularly fond of it, so we tried to come up with a similar concept. 

 A lot of messages were exchanged for brainstorming ideas and when we decided we had a concept we liked, it was time for shooting. I took my model, my assistant (a.k.a. husband) and my then 5 month old daugher and we headed to the abandoned factories area where we had also shot “the answer”. 

Marc and I exchanged a lot more messages during post-processing, so that I could achieve the exact mood he had envisioned. Finally we had a picture that we both liked. Only I had to keep it in the drawer, until the album’s release… Well, that time has come, so I can finally share this with you! 

The album’s official release for “Traces of You” is October 19th and you can visit The Flares’ website to view more info and pre-order.