The last few weeks have been really exhausting for me. I had to move into a new house, which means a lot of running around, packing, unpacking, carrying, cleaning, organizing and anything else that goes with settling into a new home. At last I think we have tied up our loose ends and we can finally start enjoying our new home. That includes me having some time for photography! I haven’t been out to shoot for ages and I miss it so much! Right now I am going to give priority to all my summer pictures that patiently await editing, while planning my next photoshoots. I still haven’t explored my new neighboorhood, but I am really happy that I have an endless view from my balcony which means I can shoot clouds and birds from the comfort of my own home! That’s a big deal!

This picture is another one taken in Kythera while I was there for my exhibition with the Greek Young Photographers. I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I cherished my time there, because it felt as if I had the whole island to myself. This feeling was particularly strong when I visited the old watermills. It is a small canyon, submerged in beautiful nature, where dozens of watermills used to be in the old days. There is a hiking path you can follow, that takes you along this amazing scenery. Even though I wasn’t prepared for a hike (I was wearing a dress and sandals!), I started walking along the path, drawn by the beauty and calm of the surroundings. I ended up in this spot where the stream created small waterfalls that poured into calm little ponds. There was not a single sound. Only the water endlessly flowing.



I wanted to capture the water flow, so I had to use a long exposure time. That however meant that I had to be completely still during the exposure, which can prove to be rather hard when you are standing in ice cold water practically barefoot. After a couple of test shots and some breath holding, I managed to get the result I wanted. In post, I expanded my frame using an extra shot I had taken and I tweaked the colors so i could give the image a more nostalgic feel. What inspired me most about this place was the contrast between its very busy past, being a place full of life and activities with all those watermills that were vital to the island, and its very quiet present, that I was lucky enough to experience. A place that’s been forgotten by people, but that is still alive in its own way.

After taking the picture I decided not to go any further, because not only did I not have the proper clothes and shoes on for the hike, but I also had no cell reception, nobody knew where I was and there was not a single soul around, so I got scared that if anything were to happen to me, no one would know where to find me! That thought was really frightening, so I headed back with a heavy heart, knowing I was missing out on the great beauty that lied ahead. I think this was my favorite spot in the whole island and if  I ever manage to visit it again, the watermills are the first place I’m going back to, with proper shoes and some company however!

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