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2084: Contrast Photography Festival of Thessaloniki

I have the great honour to announce that I will be participating in the 2019 organization of the Contrast Photography Festival of Thessaloniki. The festival’s title is “2084” and it aims to investigate the various interpretations of the prophetic book “1984” by George Orwell. “2084” will feature four big group exhibitions that will present many different perspectives and insights inspired by the 1984 book with references to the present and the future.

When I saw the open call for submissions to the festival, quite a while ago, I was immediately drawn to it because of its theme. George Orwell’s “1984” is one of my all time favorite books and undoubtedly one of the world’s literary masterpieces. I made the decision to participate and right away I started to think of ideas for a brand new photo series based on the festival’s theme.

My idea led me to a whole new photographic experience, trying out so many new things to make it work. I made a brand new series, titled “we are the dead“, that will be displayed for the first time ever during the festival. Although the series was completed many months ago, I chose to wait and release it online just before the festival. So, during the next weeks, I will start to release the pictures, followed by some rather extensive blog posts about the whole process and experience. Also you will have the chance to take a look behind the scenes, in a series of videos that I have prepared for you. I am really excited that the time has finally come to share this experience with you!

Details for the upcoming exhibition:

Archaelogical Museum of Thessaloniki, Periodic Exhibitions Hall C

Opening: Sunday December 1st, 12:00

Duration: 1/12/2019 – 12/1/2020

Archaelogical Museum of Thessaloniki : 6 Man. Andronikou, tel. 2313310201

Opening hours: everyday: 8:30-16:00 ( December 25th, 26th and January 1st: closed)