the door

I’m back from Kythera, where I participated in the Young Photograhers Exhibition, a part of the Kythera Photographic Encounters. The event lasted three days and it included a number of exhibitions and also a photography convention. I have to admit my visit there did not live up to my expectations for a number of reasons, but it was a valueable experience nonetheless and I got to explore the island and make a few new pictures.

The following picture was taken near a waterfall that is called “Neraida”, which actually means fairy, or “Fonissa”, which means murderess. I am not quite sure about the origin of those names, but the place was really beautiful and immersed in nature. When I got there, there was no one else around except one guy sitting in a bench and drinking a beer by the waterfall. I snapped a couple of pictures there and then I decided to further explore the area. I walked around and I discovered some stairs leading up to the road. There were a few abandoded buildings there and as I was wandering on my own, it felt as is the place was haunted. I stopped and set up my tripod and then I started my usual weirdness. I believe this image fully demonstrates the feeling I got while I was there.



I have many pictures that await editing and I’ll do my best to edit them as soon as I can, although I am currently searching for a new home to move into, which is proving to be challenging. Don’t forget to like my facebook page, to receive all my updates!