Time for a new picture! Like the previous one, this is part of my series about how we relate to ourselves, which I have decided to name “foundation”. Soon I will make a new post telling you all about it!

I think the theme is quite obvious here and the title is also very descriptive. I believe we all tend to blame ourselves a little too much sometimes. It is an awful feeling that often leads to depression. I have seen many people around me blaming themselves for everything constantly and I have also felt it myself sometimes. Of course we should accept our responsibilies, but consuming ourselves with guilt is something completely different. The sooner we realize we are not perfect, the better.



I shot this at a historical monument that is very close to my house. It is a byzantine castle that also served as a prison until the early nineties. I have wanted to go there and shoot for quite some time. I tried another spot first but it wasn’t working. Then I went into one of its towers which is easily accessible. It was a rather small space and the ground was uneven, but I had to make do. People were passing by all the time, which made me feel rather uncomfortable but I kept at it. At first I was not very happy with my shots, but when I started piecing them together I started to change my mind. I had to change the color of my dress, because it is originally purple and it was not looking good. I also expanded the frame a bit.

The final image came out moody and maybe dull, but I suppose it suits the concept. I am not 100% happy about it, but I am not sure what more I could change. So I decided to share it and move on. I hope I will have another image ready soon this time!

Let me know what you think about this!